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Shurugwe District, Zimbabwe
Partner: Local Initiatives & Development (formerly known as Shurugwi Partners)
Total investment: $244,891 since 2015
Program Areas: Agriculture

Chitora Community is comprised of 17 small villages, each with approximately 40 households, located in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. Options for rural livlihoods in this community are being negatively affected by climate change-induced droughts, and a lack of appropriate infrastructure and technology for development. This leads to deteriorating conditions of vulnerable groups like the elderly, the sick, orphans and some women-headed households.

There is a growing demand for safe food, among schools, mines, supermarkets and the export market.
~ Pascal Manyakaidze, LID's Programmes Director

In this area, Local Initiatives & Development (LID) will engage 300 smallholder farming households in organic methods. The project will focus on improving agricultural techniques using indigenous knowledge and organic practices and equipping farmers to better respond to climate changes such as more frequent drought.

Achievements and Activities
  • Train 300 smallholder farmers, including 200 women on organic farming practices and standards
  • Provide farmers with 24 varieties of horticulture and indigenous vegetables to increase produce variety and nutrition
  • Establish community seed banks and seed fairs for indigenous cereal, tuber and vegetable food crops
  • Certify 250 farmers including 160 women on organic standards. The organic produce will be sent to market under “Zim-Organic” label
  • Construct 2 water harvesting weir/earth dams in 2 different sites to provide water for irrigation and domestic use
  • Drill and install 4 solar powered boreholes for irrigation and domestic water supply 
  • Train 4 marketing and 4 project management committees in leadership, market linkages and agri-business development activities
  • Construct 4 produce storage, grading, value addition and marketing sheds for four different producer groups