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Ha Trung District, Vietnam
Partner: Vietnam Health, Education and Literature Projects (VNHELP)
Total investment: $100,000 since 2014
Program Areas: Water


People expressed their need for clean water and were willing to contribute their labor for some light construction work and were willing to pay their water bills in the future.
~ Thu Do, President and Executive Director VNHELP

With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, VNHELP will construct a clean water pumping and distribution system in the village of Ha Vinh to reach 1,600 households. 

An agricultural outpost, Ha Vinh is home to 7,600 people, mostly farmers growing rice, corn and sugarcane. In many fields around the village, the soil is acidic and the water brackish, and the farms yield low harvests as a result. Whether people are farmers, bakers or food vendors, the poor quality water affects people's health and daily activities. 

VNHELP is working with local religious leaders, town council members and other village representatives to mobilize the community and empower them to manage the water system independently. They are training local committees and technicians in the maintenance and sustainability of the water system. Each household will have a tap and meter to ensure that households are paying their share of costs for the water and help guarantee the system’s longevity. In addition, VNHELP is providing workshops to local residents in improved sanitation and hygiene.

Achievements and Activities
  • Construct a borehole and water filtration plant for 1,600 families
  • Provide training for two local staff for ongoing maintenance of the water infrastructure
  • Conduct personal hygiene and sanitation workshops for 500 heads of household