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Wakiso District, Uganda
Partner: Bega kwa Bega
Total investment: $107,918 since 2015
Program Areas: Agriculture, Community Health, Income Opportunities


I believe there is wealth in agriculture
~ Gerald Kamoga, Bega kwa Bega's Farm Manager

The name Bega kwa Bega means "shoulder to shoulder" in Luganda, one of Uganda's local languages, and embodies the organization's approach to community development; working in partnership with communities to improve living conditions and livlihoods. Bega kwa Bega is working in the villages of Wagaba, Namagera, Kamuli, and Kabagezi, located in Wakiso District, where there are high rates of water borne illness and malnutrition among children. 

With funding from Vibrant Village, Bega kwa Bega provides basic healthcare service to nearly 2,500 residents via their mobile clinic, including but not limited to diagnosis and treatment of general illnesses, antenatal care, immunizations, STI treatment, and health education. In addition, Bega kwa Bega is drilling deep boreholes for domestic and agricultural use, establishing community demo gardens and providing training in organic farming and business management skills. The project also includes inputs for small business owners to help boost their economic potential.

Achievements and Activities
  • Drill one deep borehole in each of the four villages, two adjacent to a school and two located in a central location
  • Establish 4 demo gardens, provide training in organic farming techniques, soil conservation, water management, food sustainability and nutrition
  • Provide basic health services through Bega kwa Bega’s mobile clinic
  • Facilitate training workshops in business management and skills for up to 100 small business owners and provide $75 worth of business inputs such as seeds and tools to 40 small business owners