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Mukono District, Uganda
Partner: Empower and Care Organization 
Total investment: $30,000 since 2014
Program Areas: Water, Gender Equality


I have seen and experienced first-hand that the most successful community development projects are those run by Ugandans themselves.
~ Shadrak Kyobe Project Coordinator

Since 2004, Empower and Care Organization (EACO) has worked in Uganda’s Mukono District to alleviate poverty and support families impacted by HIV/AIDS. EACO has developed strong relationships with local council leaders, churches and residents who support the expansion of their work to address issues around water and sanitation.  

In the Mukono District, during periods of low rainfall when shallow water wells dry out, women and children walk up to 10 kilometers in search of clean water. More often than not, this results in children not attending school and women having less time to engage in income-generating activities.

With funding from Vibrant Village Foundation, EACO will construct and repair boreholes in the villages of Namasumbi, Nabale and Nyanja and train residents in borehole maintenance and repair to ensure sustainability. EACO will also conduct sanitation and hygiene education classes for villagers.

The goal of this project is to make clean water accessible within 1 kilometer for 100% of the people in rural Mukono and bring relief to thousands of residents, including those in surrounding communities.

Achievements and Activities
  • Construct 3 new boreholes in 3 villages in Mukono District
  • Train community members on repair and maintenance of boreholes
  • Train community members on hygiene and sanitation