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Lufingo Ward, Tanzania
Partner: Africa Bridge
Investment: $265,000 since 2014
Program Areas: Agriculture, Community Health


We learned the importance of taking care of the most vulnerable children so they’ll have a positive future.
~ Orida Makaja, Tanzanian child
Since 2012, Africa Bridge has worked in Lufingo Ward where they implement a unique cooperative model to care for orphaned children. Vibrant Village partnered with Africa Bridge in 2014 to support their goals of providing opportunities for vulnerable children and the families in this ward.
Africa Bridge first convenes children identified as Most Vulnerable Children (MVC’s) and the families who care for them, to listen to their needs and engage them in a future visioning process. The caretakers then organize in committees and are trained in all aspects of managing a cooperative. The cooperatives, which to date have engaged in livestock, chickens and avocados, generate revenue to support the families who care for MVC’s in their household. Africa Bridge is currently in year 2 of their 5-year engagement with the Lufingo Ward, after which the systems will be in place for the sustainability of the MVC committees and cooperatives.


Achievements and Activities
  • Support 112 new farmers to join Lufingo’s dairy cow, avocado and chicken co-ops
  • Train a cooperative in modern farm practices, co-op management, accounting and entrepreneurship
  • Recruit exemplary farmers to train and mentor new co-ops
  • Ensure co-ops self-fund future new members
  • Build capacity and expertise in seven volunteer village MVC Committees
  • Train Committees to monitor and protect the welfare of vulnerable children and their guardians
  • Remove barriers to school attendance through material support
  • Provide village trainings in caregiving, legal rights of women and children, nutrition and HIV awareness