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Our partner in Tanzania is Africa Bridge, an Oregon nonprofit dedicated to lifting up communities in the Rungwe District of Tanzania’s fertile southwest highlands. Within the Rungwe District sits the isolated Lufingo Ward. It is home to a cluster of seven villages where much of the economy is subsistence-based farming. Commercial activity is conducted primarily on the barter system at weekly village markets, and employment opportunities are minimal.

Lufingo’s seven villages are home to approximately 16,000 people in 4,200 households. Of those, approximately 15% of households care for orphaned or vulnerable children and suffer economic distress, many of whom are orphaned as a result of the toll that HIV/AIDS has taken on their families. With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, Africa Bridge mobilizes communities to care for these children and promote household resilience and sustainable livelihoods for families through village farm cooperatives.

Lufingo Ward, Tanzania
Africa Bridge has worked in the Rungwe District since 2008 where they impart a unique cooperative model to care for orphaned children.
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112 new farmers join Lufingo’s dairy cow & avocado co-ops

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500 vulnerable children received school uniforms, exercise books and shoes


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