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Galle District, Sri Lanka
Partner: Nagenahiru Foundation
Total investment: $85,500 since 2015
Program Areas: Agriculture


With my neighbor I was able to start a cinnamon seedling nursery consisting of 5000 seedlings to replace the dead plants of our cinnamon lands.
~ Mrs. Kumarihami, community leader, Magala North Village

The Sri Lankan government has invested in a national Cinnamon Research and Development Institute, but the findings do not come to the poor farmers in the Galle District. Farmers in this region use highly traditional systems for processing, which are not hygienic and require chemicals. With support from local nonprofit, Nagenahiru Foundation, these smallholder farmers will learn about hygienic techniques and adapt to using organic fertilizers, so they can secure a higher price for their cinnamon in the market. In Sri Lanka organic cinnamon is very rare, but there is growing demand for this product. 

Community members in the villages of Magala and Godahena have been highly engaged in the planning, design and implementation phases of the project and are contributing based on their social talents and local resources. Community contributions include seedling materials and organic fertilizer for the cinnamon seedling nurseries and agronomic demonstrations, meals for children and workers and soil, bricks and timber for the early childhood development centers and toilets. 

In addition, community members will contribute to a smallholder cinnamon farmers development fund of $10,000, which will make up 40 % of the cost to initiate micro enterprises to the farmers. Farmers will have access to revolving credit for facilities that will be recovered and reinvested in the community. 

Achievements and Activities
  • Strengthen capacity of 30 Farmer groups consisting of 758 cinnamon families 
  • Train 250 farmers including 90 women in organic cinnamon growing
  • Establish demonstration & training Center for Cinnamon Farmers
  • Train 30 farmers to produce 15000 high yielding seedlings per nursery
  • Create a self-managed cinnamon farmer development fund to provide credit facilities to 300 cinnamon farmers
  • Establish two value addition units
  • Establish two village-level companies and link with buyers and exporters
  • Establish 15 Early Childhood Development centers to serve 450  children annually
  • Train 30 pre school teachers