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Village of Keur Soce, Senegal
Partner: Andando Foundation
Current Investment: $222,929 since 2013
Program Areas: Agriculture, Water, Education


We are excited to have customers and now want to develop relationships with more people to keep business steady.
~ Madame Diagne, co-op leader

Since the Vibrant Village partnered with Andando Foundation in 2013, they have granted microloans to women, helped build health clinics and latrines and established a food program in the primary school. 

With initial microloans from Andando, 180 women established a communal garden where they grow various crops such as cabbage, tomatoes, maize, peppers and others for consumption and sale. With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, the construction of water storage tanks and solar-powered pumps alleviates the burden of hauling heavy buckets and increases year-round crop productivity. Now in the third year of the project, there are 300 women involved in the gardens, impacting 1,500 household members.

This project also improves the village school’s infrastructure and learning environment by installing electricity, a playground and adding necessary materials such as desks, chalkboards and books. A new training center will provide space to host literacy classes, health seminars and small enterprise training for residents.

Achievements and Activities 
  • Install irrigation and 6 water storage systems for 14 hectares of community garden land
  • Manage 4 community gardens and engage over 150 women in growing vegetables 
  • Establish a training center to provide education for adults, available to all 3,500 members of Keur Soce village
  • Provide daily breakfast at an elementary school for 460 students
  • Construct new latrine at junior high school
  • Construct two classrooms at the primary school, refurbish the desks, and distribute textbooks to all 350+ students