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The Shadow Project

Vibrant Village Foundation has supported The Shadow Project since 2013. The Shadow Project is a children's advocacy organization that partners with Oregon special education teachers to provide the materials and resources for learning challenged children to succeed in the classroom. 

The Shadow Project has been a stepping stone in my evolution as an educator. I have received a lot of training, particularly in growth mindset and get to meet with other teachers to share and network.
~ Janice Holstine, learning resource center teacher at Marysville School

Children with barriers to learning such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism have tremendous potential for success, but only when they have what they need to learn in their unique way.

Two-thirds of Oregon third graders with learning disabilities do not meet state reading benchmarks, quadrupling their risk of dropping out. Young people who do not graduate from high school have a harder time finding and maintaining employment, access more social services, and are more likely to be incarcerated.

Currently, many special education teachers in Oregon use their own funds to purchase some tools needed to meet a variety of educational challenges in their learning centers. With one in eight (74,000) children in Oregon in special education, it is critical that this population’s needs be addressed to close the achievement gap.

The Shadow Project is the only nonprofit of its kind in Oregon, and likely the nation. Currently, 1,500 children in 34 Oregon schools benefit from its programs.

Since 2003, Shadow’s innovative, incentives-based, goal-setting program has helped motivate thousands of Oregon children to read and achieve. Vetted by the Harvard School of Business in Oregon, Shadow is beginning to enhance its well-recognized literacy program with research-based SuperSensory Literacy Spaces that contain high-interest, culturally-relevant books, complete audio libraries, and fidget toys, which are self regulation tools that help with focus, attention and active listening.