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Villages of Microcuenca Ccaranpa Chayña, Peru
Partner: DESEA Peru and Green Empowerment
Total Investment: $100,000 since 2013
Program Areas: Water, Health


We have seen changes in the health, improved order in the houses, and we have seen the women take greater leadership roles in the community.
~ Desea Peru Health Promoter

In the villages of Microcuenca, Ccaranpa and Chayña (MCC), Green Empowerment and DESEA Peru are working to improve drinking water, health and development opportunities.

DESEA’s team of nurses provides vital health services such as pre- and post-natal monitoring, distribution of multi-vitamins for nursing mothers and children under 5, counseling on hygiene and nutrition, care for elderly residents and water filter monitoring. These nurses also train local health promoters (qhalis) to reach out to all 160 families in the region with health and hygiene support and resources. 

Achievements and Activities
  • Install 50 biosand filters in peoples’ homes for clean drinking water
  • Conduct bi-weekly community nursing and education meetings in each community for all 960 families
  • Provide intensive training of mainly illiterate Quechua-speaking women as community health promoters
  • Implement community development and wellbeing projects such as improvement of cookstoves and water supply systems, to be determined through community consensus
  • Construct a community building and install solar lights at the primary school