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Yopno-Uruwa-Som, Papua New Guinea
Partner: Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program
Investment: $85,180 since 2014 
Program Areas: Agriculture, Health, Environment


We envision a healthy community that maintains Papua New Guinea’s unique biodiversity in balance with the needs of the local people.
~ Lisa Dabek, TKCP

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program focuses on two areas: helping local farmers grow and distribute their cocoa crop on the international market; and conducting community health workshops and providing access to better health resources.

In the first phase of the project, Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program will work with local cocoa farmers to develop sustainable, fair-trade, high-quality cocoa and ship it directly to a US buyer. This approach will provide local landowners with a viable alternative to harvesting valuable forest and coastal resources, as well as provide funds for basic services like school fees and health care.

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program will also expand a pilot health initiative to increase awareness among Yopno-Uruwa-Som families of healthy choices related to clean water, food and the environment. Through workshops and increased information and resources, residents will have better access to healthy choices for their families.

Achievements and Activities
  • Train farmers on growing environmentally-friendly conservation cocoa
  • Provide capacity building to improve cocoa quality for four villages through agricultural extension
  • Increase awareness and education of family health, including sustainably managing environmental resources
  • Develop materials and train and monitor adult and youth peer educators, especially women