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Village of El Bálsamo, Nicaragua
Partner: Green Empowerment
Investment: $95,000 since 2012
Program Areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture


I saw the need to use renewable energy to improve the lives of rural people.
~ Jaime Muñoz, Director of Asofenix

The goal of Green Empowerment’s Clean Water and A Healthy Community initiative is to improve access to potable water and enhance the health and quality of life in El Bálsamo. Led by Nicaraguan nonprofit, Asofenix, the project seeks to greatly improve the standard of living for 55 families (about 260 people) in the village, with special attention to women and girls. The program improves access to clean drinking water using renewable energy, helps families install fuel-efficient stoves and conducts hygiene and sanitation projects.

Achievements and Activities
  • Installed solar-powered community well to allow access to clean drinking water for 55 families
  • Planted 260 tropical fruit trees as part of reforestation efforts
  • Help families establish small vegetable gardens and irrigate them with captured grey water to help diversify diets and improve nutrition
  • Construct and install 40 fuel-efficient cookstoves to help minimize the amount of firewood used and improve respiratory and eye health
  • Build 40 latrines for families in need and provide training in health, hygiene and sanitation for each family
  • Facilitate workshops on gardening, best health practices and cookstove usage