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Nuwakot Region, Nepal
Partner: SECARD Nepal
Investment: $282,849 since 2013 
Program Areas: Agriculture, Water


I produced mushrooms worth 10,000 rupees [about $100], the highest I’ve ever received for something I produced. I am very determined to produce more mushroom and increase my income next season.
~ Sumitra Shrestha - participant

SECARD Nepal’s program seeks to revive the livelihoods of marginalized rural communities through income-generating sustainable agriculture. This organic agriculture project was developed with intensive discussion with key leaders of three Village Development Committees: Sikre, Sunakhani and Samundradevi. 

To improve the agricultural production system, the project engages women farmers as the primary audience, as women are the major stakeholders in household decision-making and agriculture-related activities. The project focuses on the primary crops including rice, wheat, mustard, maize, millet and mushrooms. The program will also involve youth in income-generating activities to minimize the flow of out-migration. Keeping these young people engaged in their community will strengthen the community fabric.

Achievements and Activities
  • Train 12 women’s farmers’ cooperatives in organic agriculture
  • Distribute 60 goats to families
  • Support 300 mushroom farming facilities with starters for 50 families
  • Engage 600 families in improved agricultural production
  • Construct water distribution system
  • Construct fruit and vegetable storage shelter