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Villa de Zaachila, Mexico
Partner: SiKanda
Total investment: $41,592 since 2015
Program Areas: Agriculture


The empowerment aspect comes when people decide what they want to eat and what they want to grow. This distinguishes us from food hand-out programs from the government.
~ Jose Carlos León Vargas - Director of SiKanda

Since 2009, SiKanda has been partnering with the communities of Villa de Zaachila which surround the municipal landfill of Oaxaca. Very few residents can afford to purchase fresh produce to feed their families and, as a result, malnutrition is acute. 

With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, SiKanda will continue their work to train youth and parents to improve food security and improve health and hygiene for their families. The training program is structured to promote the building of self-esteem, and the development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills, with an emphasis on the needs of female participants.

Achievements and Activities
  • Provide 90 hours of training on nutrition, household hygiene and waste management, composting and organic gardening to 250 youth in 2 secondary schools
  • Provide 70 hours of instruction and materials to 200 adult women (parents of participating youth) on composting and the planting and management of household gardens
  • Facilitate a community-based, problem-solving network with 60 adult women trainees to take advantage of one another’s knowledge and successes, and benefit from the sharing of compost, seeds and produce