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Villages of Mixteca Alta, Mexico
Partner: Mixteca Alta Coffee Growers
Investment: $112,180 since 2013
Program Areas: Agriculture


I had never had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on coffee, and even less in a workshop relating to coffee quality. I am grateful I still have enough years left to put into practice what I am learning now.
~ Virgilia Octaviana Garcia Ortiz, 45 years old

Program manager Karen Rasmussen works with local farmers to enhance their growing skills and improve the viability of their coffee plantations. With the support of renowned experts in coffee quality, we train farmers in new farming and harvesting techniques to improve the quality of their coffee, to increase production and to meet national and international market demands.

Once coffee growers have the know-how and financial support to start producing high quality coffee, and the distribution mechanism in place to get their product to market, their incomes will increase substantially. This will provide them with the money needed to improve household wealth and move out of poverty.

Achievements and Activities
  • Conduct 20 workshops for 100 participants in coffee quality and best agricultural practices
  • Expand a coffee plant nursery from 1,200 to 6,000 plants
  • Install a rainwater catchment system with a capacity of 20,000 liters
  • Hold literacy and numeracy classes for 20 farmers to improve their ability to sell and market their products
  • Achieve 100% of participants selling their coffee to outside buyers