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Mchinji District, Malawi
Partner: Pump Aid
Total investment: $100,000 since 2014
Program Areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Economic Development 


My baby of 8 months fell sick barely once since birth, I have never seen this with my eyes, I believe it is due to improved water source we have in the village and good hygiene that my family is practicing
~ Noriah Deus

The Mchinji District in central Malawi is made up primarily of households of smallholder farmers with plots of land for growing both cash and subsistence crops. In recent years, the district has experienced shorter rainy seasons and suffered several extreme climate events, which have worsened the poverty in this area. Almost half of the communities in Mchinji District lack safe water and more than half lack access to improved sanitation.

Vibrant Village Foundation is partnering with Pump Aid to build rope and washer pumps to provide access to safe water in 20 communities, which will impact approximately 2,400 people. The communities most in need are selected with guidance from local authorities, who also help determine the best site for each pump. Ideally, pumps are located away from where animals are kept, and in close proximity to households most in need. 

Through this project, each village will form a Community Water Point Committee, comprised of men and women to oversee the maintenance of the project. Alongside the wells and pumps, Pump Aid works with the communities to improve sanitation and carry out hygiene education.  

Achievements and Activities
  • Build 20 open wells and rope pumps to deliver safe water
  • Establish 20 Community Water Point Committees, involving women in the decision-making groups 
  • Train area mechanics in water point operation and maintenance