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Village of Kang'oma, Malawi
Partner: Global Hope Mobilization 
Investment: $154,121 since 2013 
Program Areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


My girl child was not attending classes due to lack of sanitary facilities at the school. I am hopeful she will be able to attend classes and continue her education when the borehole and sanitary facilities are constructed.
~ Chenjuwaga Yunusu, Parent in Kang’oma

The teachers and administrators at Kang’oma Primary School approached our partner, Global Hope Mobilization, with the borehole and latrine project proposal. They wished to increase school attendance by improving the infrastructure and facilities. This is the first project Global Hope Mobilization has conducted with a school partner. 

Global Hope Mobilization has also partnered with Kang'oma in an effort to educate the population about disease prevention and treatment by conucting monthly community health talks. They cover subjects like family planning, malaria prevention, sanitation & hygiene, HIV prevention and treatment, maternal health, and nutrition for children under five. 

The women of Kang'oma are also benefiting from the partnership between Vibrant Village and Global Hope Mobilization. The establishment of women's groups seeks promote economic self-sufficiency for women through a self-help group approach. 

Achievements and Activities:
  • Conduct hydrogeological survey
  • Train community management committee to oversee the borehole maintenance
  • Drill a borehole to provide clean water for 2,400 students and additional nearby community members
  • Constructed latrines at the Primary School
  • Establish 70 women's self-help groups
  • Train 1,400 women in self-help, business management, savings, social cohesion and entrepreneurship
  • Conduct 24 community health talks on disease prevention and treatment