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Paksong, Laos
Partner: Jhai Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative
Total investment: $132,801 since 2014
Program Areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Economic development 


Jhai judges its success each year not by the amount of money earned but by the number of children who have access to clean water and hygiene education.
~ Tyson Adams, Program Director

The Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos is a rural, coffee-producing area. Most families in Paksong earn very modest incomes as small-scale coffee farmers, and struggle to provide for their children through the lean months between coffee harvests. In every village, there is a schoolhouse, but very few have access to clean water, toilets or education materials. 

Our program director and founder of Jhai Coffee House, Tyson Adams, supports trainings for farmers on specialty growing practices and directly purchases coffee from these farmers, above Fair Trade prices.

The Jhai Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative consists of 2250 families in 64 villages, and is the only member-owned cooperative in Laos. Adams is working alongside the co-op to strengthen their business practices, increase coffee quality and create opportunities to work with schools in need of water and hygiene education. With support from Vibrant Village Foundation, Adams is cooperating with communities to install 10 clean water wells and 108 Terra Clear filters in 45 local schools.

Achievements and Activities 
  • Establish a climate-controlled coffee warehouse facility serving 2250 farmers
  • Create bio-fertilizer composting infrastructure and equipment in 5 villages 
  • Conduct community-wide training on harvesting and processing practices
  • Install 10 clean water wells
  • Install 108 Terra Clear filters and deliver WASH programs in 45 schoolhouses
  • Provide clean water and hygiene education to 64 villages, totaling 6695 children