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Rombo Division, Kenya
Partner: Daniel Nyagwara
Total Investment: $82,173 since 2014
Program Areas: Water, Agriculture

Vibrant Village partner Daniel Nyagwara collaborates with the Maasai community to provide training and support in agricultural activities for women. He works with local agricultural specialists to train women's groups on basic horticultural crop production, organic farming and farm care. In addition, the women receive seeds, fertilizers, wheelbarrows and shovels to help them initiate their own cooperatives. These new skills and trades will help the Maasai women successfully navigate the changes in land use of their area. 

I hope to produce more as I have land and strength, and support from the project!
~ Lucy Suiya Leboso, Participant in Rombo Division

The project also funds the construction of two boreholes that will provide a water source for farming and domestic use. Leadership councils from three community clusters are trained to oversee and maintain the boreholes.  

Achievements and Activities
  • Train 15 WATSAN Committee members
  • Graduate 81 women from Basic Horticultural Crops Production
  • Train 800 farmers in the cluster farms' training
  • 35% increase in acreage numbers under agricultural activities in Rombo area
  • 1,350 farmers adopt new farming techniques, decreasing the time spent on farm activities by 55%
  • 40% increase in household agricultural output