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Esabalu, Kenya
Partner: Community-based organizations, farmer groups, local government, schools and village leaders
Total Investment: $477,451 since 2012
Program Areas: Agriculture, Education, Community Infrastructure


The students attitude to learning and participation has greatly improved.
~ Teacher who participated in the Advanced Skills Teacher Program in Esabalu

In 2014, Vibrant Village launched an agricultural development project to provide seeds and fertilizer in the form of agricultural credits at the start of the growing season. We also train local smallholder farmers in planting techniques, pest management and post-harvest handling. The average farm in Esabalu is .25 ares—too small for commercial activity, so maximizing yields is imperative. Most families look to increase their production of maize to increase food security. 

In addition, Vibrant Village runs an education program, which includes adult education classes, an advanced training program for teachers and a volunteer tutoring program to provide extra one-on-one support to primary school students who are struggling with their schoolwork. 

Vibrant Village also supports community infrastructure projects, including the construction of several local footbridges, the renovation of a school library and the rehabilitation of a playing field. Community members have written sustainability plans for each project and have made a commitment to owning and managing the assets once the projects are completed. 

Achievements and Activities:
  • Distribute seed and fertilizer on credit to 139 farmers 
  • Conduct agricultural trainings for 248 farmers
  • Improve literacy and numeracy levels for 80% of the 18 students enrolled in the adult education program
  • Conduct district-wide training sessions with 37 part-time government teachers
  • Complete the first season of the farm input credit program and expand enrolment to 500 farmers in 2015
  • Establish and train the Ebusakami Horticultural Cooperative to grow cash crops including French beans, soybeans and avocados  
  • Expand the adult education program to include advanced classes and introduce computer training for community members  
  • Construct three footbridges in Esabalu
  • Refurbish the Ebussamba Primary School Library
  • Renovate the Ebussamba Playing Field