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Village of Eruparaboat, Indonesia
Partner: Surfaid
Investment: $50,055 since 2015 
Program Areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


Our long-term approach works directly with the rural poor in enabling them to realize their full potential and change their situation.
~ Surfaid

Vibrant Village Foundation supports the work of Surfaid in the village of Eruparaboat on the remote Indonesian island chain of the Mentawais. This community was only recently established after villagers were displaced by a severe tsunami in October 2010. Community members and local government are in the process of rebuilding their entire village from the ground up.

Eruparaboat has a population of about 300 (86 families). The extreme isolation of the village and the region as a whole exacerbate the community’s troubles. There is scant access to the outside world and to basic items such as healthcare, higher education or markets. Additionally, the lack of clean water and sanitary facilities contributes to the high incidence of preventable diseases such as malaria and diarrhea. 

In Eruparaboat, SurfAid’s goal is to promote a better understanding of how health can be improved through increased access and awareness of new healthy behaviors. With our support, Surfaid will facilitate the community’s construction of a solar-powered, clean-water distribution system, building upon their Mother and Child Health program. The project also trains a Water and Sanitation Committee to be responsible for the long-term management of the water system. Through these programs Surfaid hopes to improve hygiene and sanitation, decrease the incidence of preventable disease and ultimately reduce child mortality.

Achievements and Activities:
  • Install 1.5 miles of distribution pipes from an existing water storage container
  • Install a solar-powered water pump at the river
  • Construct an additional 2 water storage tanks, and 6 tap stands
  • Establish and train a water committee in construction and maintenance of the water and sanitation systems
  • Establish vegetable gardens and chicken farming for household nutrition