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The Indonesian archipelago is home to over 18,000 islands and a population of 200 million people among 300 ethnic groups, making it the fourth most populous country in the world. The Vibrant Village Foundation supports community wellbeing in this beautiful country. 

In the distant northwest Mentawai Islands, we cooperate with SurfAid to support the reconstruction and revitalization of a remote village of 86 families, displaced after a tsunami decimated their community in 2010.

Village of Eruparaboat, Indonesia
Vibrant Village Foundation supports the work of Surfaid in the village of Eruparaboat on the remote Indonesian island chain of the Mentawais. This community was only recently established after villagers were displaced by a severe tsunami in October 2010.
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2 water storage tanks and 6 tap stand units constructed 

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Committee trained in construction and maintenance of the water and sanitation systems 


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