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Divshi and Gadchincla
Partner: Women’s Empowerment International Foundation
Total investment: $9,552 since 2015
Program Areas: Agriculture


Every dollar in the hands of a woman empowers her to create positive change for her family.
~ Nargis Jamal, Founder, WEIF

In the communities of Divshi and Gadchincla, Women’s Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF) works with 250 women selected from a population of 650 families. 

Divshi and Gadchincla are located on the outskirts of Mumbai. Unfortunately, the prosperity found in this mega-city does not spread to the smaller villages surrounding this mega-city. Seasonal labor migration is a critical problem. Many women leave their small villages for up to eight months of the year in search of work, uprooting the lives of their children in the process, and often depriving them access to education as a result.

Divshi and Gadchincla are home to small-scale and tenant farmers, migrant laborers and landless women. The 650 families in these villages have an average of five children per household. This project builds upon an ongoing village improvement initiative, helping women generate income and accumulate revenue from productive activities. With greater economic opportunities in their local communities, women hope to reduce their seasonal migration for work, and focus on providing stability and education to their children. 

WEIF guides women in cultivating the most appropriate and profitable seeds for the region, which include marigold, papaya, gourds, spinach and coriander. All participants are equipped with seeds, saplings for high-value fruits and drums for water storage. Women also receive training in modern agricultural practices (i.e. soil analysis, crop rotation), marketing, leadership development and financial literacy. 

Achievements and Activities
  • Provide seasonal vegetables and saplings of high-value fruits to 250 women 
  • Train 250 women in floriculture, horticulture and herbiculture to increase revenue generation.
  • Create 25 self-help groups of 10 women to generate rotating funds for future seeds and saplings to sustain the project