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Northern Haiti
Partners: FINCA International
Total Investment: $150,000 since 2012
Program Areas: Small business loans


I am learning a lot from my loan officer and think that it is good for me, both socially and financially, to be a part of this village bank.
~ Gertrude Bernardin, Cap Haitien

With support from the Vibrant Village Foundation, FINCA International is economically empowering vulnerable and low-income communities in Northern Haiti. Those who receive a microloan may invest the money in an existing individual business or create a new one—a process that builds toward self-reliance and contributes to the sustainable socioeconomic development of their communities and the wellbeing of their families. 

Achievements and Activities
  • Contributed towards FINCA International’s overall achievement of reaching 10,000 clients with a loan portfolio of $4 million USD
  • 82% of clients are women