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Village of Fielmuo, Ghana
Partner: Water and sanitation committees, women’s groups, schools, traditional authorities, and district government
Total investment: $991,000 since 2011
Program areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Education

The Vibrant Village team works with local communities to address sustainable access to clean water. We emphasize community-based solutions with a focus on training, monitoring and partnerships. Local water companies drill boreholes and the Foundation team trains community water and sanitation committees in skills to take care of their boreholes themselves. Locally trained handpump mechanics monitor the success of the WATSAN committees managing their boreholes.

We have long-term goals for the community to be able to take care of all of their boreholes without outside assistance.
~ Lenny Baer, Ghana Program Director

Our water projects go hand in hand with sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene projects include soap-making and personal hygiene training for local women’s groups and hand-washing contests in schools.

In Fielmuo, we also work to improve the quality of education, especially for girls. To support children’s learning inside and outside the classroom, we support a range of projects from school classroom construction, school desks and uniforms and teacher training. 

Achievements and Activities
  • Drill 21 boreholes
  • Construct a 3-classroom block to reduce overcrowding at a local school
  • Train 45 water and sanitation committees and area handpump mechanics to manage village boreholes
  • Train local women’s groups in soap-making, and personal hygiene
  • Provide pupils with school uniforms and learning materials as well as story books
  • Lead trainings and public outreach on hygiene and sanitation