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Imbabura Province, Ecuador
Partner: Local nonprofit Montañas de Esperanza, farmers, schools, small businesses and local government
Total Investment: over $1.3 million since 2010
Program Areas: Agriculture, Education, Food Security, Water

Vibrant Village Foundation has invested in projects throughout the Imbabura Province to promote sustainable agriculture, education advancements and socio-economic development. 

Organic Biointensive agriculture projects are to improve basic food security of families and living conditions of residents through the sound management of natural resources.
~ Eduar Pinzon, agriculture manager

Our agriculture initiatives represent the flagship of our work in Ecuador. We work with local farmers to improve their agricultural productivity through Biointensive farming methods. These techniques greatly improve soils and maximize yields on small plots of land while expending minimal resources. Related to this work in agriculture, we have also supported communities to spearhead initiatives such as seed banks, nutrition trainings and construction of irrigation systems.

In addition, we support a variety of education programs, ranging from arts and sewing classes for high school students to Waldorf methodology training for area teachers. We also provide assistance for an organic agriculture program and greenhouse at a local agricultural college, and a fishery management project at an aquaculture technical school.

Achievements and Activities
  • Engage 280 families in the Biointensive organic agriculture program
  • Provide nutritional food preparation classes for 167 families 
  • Manage organic agriculture gardens in 12 schools with involvement from 1,175 students 
  • Install a new irrigation and drinking water system to benefit 56 families
  • Provide in-school and extracurricular arts classes, activities and camps for 400 students
  • Establish cultural programs in five Ibarra neighborhoods for local youth
  • Provide daily meals, arts and gardening activities for over 200 elders