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Abouakro and Drimbo
Partner: MAP International
Total investment: $150,000 since 2015
Program Areas: Water, Education, Agriculture


We are running a holistic program based on community mobilization and empowerment
~ Aubin Yao, MAP International, Côte d’Ivoire Director

Despite significant investments by the government of Côte d'Ivoire since the end of the civil war, rural villages in the Gbêkê Region have not benefitted from improvements. Since 1999, MAP International has been a key development partner in this area.

In the communities of Abouakro and Drimbo, with a combined populations of 6,000, MAP International is working to rehabilitate a primary school and teacher housing. With adequate facilities, the community hopes to retain teachers who are appointed to these rural schools and have them invest more fully in the education of their children.

To support the physical and economic well-being of families, MAP International will also train community members and revitalize animal husbandry practice in the community. The project’s aim is for families to raise chickens and goats to improve their household nutrition and provide an additional source of income when needed. 

Achievements and Activities
  • Rehabilitate primary school to increase capacity from 240 to 480 students
  • Rehabilitate pre-school to handle 50 students per year
  • Rehabilitate 6 units of teacher housing
  • Train and equip 30 young trainers with new livestock techniques for poultry, goats, and sheep
  • Train and equip 15 young trainers in new farming techniques
  • Provide improved seeds and livestock to Abouakro cooperative groups to increase to 50% the proportion of farmers using improved seeds, fertilizers, and livestock
  • Improve management of crops and livestock to increase to 50% the proportion of households consuming their own production for the whole year
  • Create a non-perishable food reserve for lean periods
  • Provide training to communities on food bank management