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Bangem Council, Cameroon
Partner: Community Action for Development
Total investment: $145,858 since 2014
Program Areas: Agriculture


CAD’s approach in working with the community is a participatory one.
~ Marie-Laure Mpeck Nyemeck, UNDP Cameroon

This three-year project engages nearly 500 farmers in six villages within Bangem Council, a rural community with approximately 5,500 residents in the Bakossi National Park.

The project provides skills to farmers in soil improvement, storing, processing and marketing of maize and cassava, beekeeping and livestock production. Farmers receive inputs, including seeds, tools and materials to construct animal pens. Community Action for Development (CAD) also works with farmers to create viable producer groups and link them with traders and markets for their farm products. 

CAD conducts regular field visits and facilitates the participation of farmers in all their activities. This approach helps to instill a sense of ownership among participants, which contributes to the long-term sustainability of the project.

Achievements and Activities
  • Train 80 farmers on storage, processing and marketing of cassava and maize
  • Install 12 cassava and maize grinding machines in 5 village communities
  • Build the capacities of 180 farmers in livestock production with focus on pig farming, beekeeping and poultry
  • Rehabilitate CAD’s demonstration animal farm
  • Organize 10 functional producer associations