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Montero, Bolivia
Partner: Etta Projects
Total investment: $48,414 since 2014
Program Areas: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


It is very exciting to know that the children and the whole family are using the latrine correctly.
~ Edit, Etta Projects Hygiene Facilitator

Located thirty minutes from Montero’s center, the communities of 1 Octubre and Monte Cruz are home to approximately 1500 people. Most families live in modest wood homes with simple, pit latrines. Many latrines have fallen into disrepair and routinely overflow during the rainy season, making the streets and low areas very unsanitary. 

Our partner in Bolivia, Etta Projects, has convened support among residents and the municipal government to address this growing community health concern. With a grant from Vibrant Village Foundation, 63 families will construct composting toilets and receive training on the proper care and maintenance to eliminate risk of fecal matter leaking into ground water. Families will also build shower and laundry facilities with soak pits for a safe way of discharging grey-water back to the environment to prevent pooling, where mosquitoes breed. Seven community leaders will be trained to educate their neighbors in improved hygiene and sanitation practices.

Achievements and Activities
  • Construct 63 eco-latrines 
  • Install 63 shower and laundry sinks 
  • Build 63 grey-water soak pits
  • Train 7 community members as hygiene and sanitation trainers