Our Story

Andando Foundation

After 22 years as co-founder and CEO of Deltek, Ken deLaski was ready to turn his sights on helping others when the company was sold in 2005. He was interested in different approaches in philanthropy and traveled to several developing countries to see these ideas in action. In 2009, Ken traveled to Haiti with his daughter Daphne, and visited villages where people were living in extreme poverty. Many NGOs were on the ground, carrying out life-saving, urgent work. However, Ken recalled, “much of it seemed like a band aid in providing humanitarian relief, helping the sick, and feeding the poor. This type of traditional aid serves a very important purpose but I decided that our new foundation should build upon this and focus on longer-term solutions to foster stronger, more vibrant communities.” 

In 2010, Ken decided to commit his wealth and entrepreneurial spirit to assist villages like the ones he visited in Haiti. He founded Vibrant Village Foundation to provide long-term, integrated support to small communities facing extreme poverty.  Since 2010, Vibrant Village has directly invested over $15 million into impoverished communities around the world, through grants to non-profit organizations as well as through our own direct operations.

From the Sahel region in Northern Senegal to remote villages in Tanzania to indigenous communities in the highlands of Peru to the poorest villages in Haiti, Vibrant Village Foundation works with teams on the ground to improve lives and help communities in their fight against poverty.

The BOMA Project
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Our Values

We are motivated by the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy, productive and dignified life. 

We invest in highly efficient projects so we can accomplish the most with our funding.  

We seek programs that can be scaled to reach more people and are easily maintained, so the benefits will be durable and long-lasting.

We believe that helping people gain new skills, knowledge and opportunities – from new farming techniques to improved hygiene practices – will enable them to build a better future for their families. We are committed to supporting programs for women and girls, who have the most to gain from these opportunities.

We strive to be a learning organization, where we use quality data to drive decisions and understand the full impact of our work.

The BOMA Project
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How We Fund

Our Process - We do not have a formal application process and will not generally consider unsolicited proposals. We identify new communities, partners and projects through our networks and internal research and follow up when we see opportunity and alignment.   

What we look for – We look closely at the cost of projects relative to the impact. We seek to work with people and organizations that have a deep understanding of the contexts where they work, technical skills and cultural know-how. 

How we engage –In addition to traditional grant making, we partner with like-minded organizations and leaders interested in our integrated community development framework and see mutual benefit in working together. We are interested in dynamic partnerships where the Foundation can be highly engaged in programs and contribute to project design, financial accountability, monitoring and evaluation and learning.

Our ongoing commitment - We continue to fund organizations and programs that show tangible progress toward lasting change. Successful programs will either put themselves out of business as they achieve their goals or will scale to reach more people.