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Water tapped to homes in rural Vietnam

Portland, Ore. – In Vietnam, Vibrant Village Foundation has invested $100,000 in the village of Ha Vinh in the north-central region of the country, where access to clean water is a critical need. Ha Vinh is an agricultural outpost and home to 7,600 people, mostly farmers growing rice, corn and sugarcane. Whether people are farmers, bakers or food vendors, the lack of clean water affects people's health, livelihoods and daily activities. 

For this one-year project, we are partnering with Vietnam Health, Education and Literature Projects (VNHELP), a U.S.-based organization providing humanitarian and development assistance to people in Vietnam. With additional funding from Yahoo, Inc., and the Mai Dolch Family Foundation, VNHELP will construct a clean water system in Ha Vinh. The goal is for each household to have a tap and meter, a massive undertaking that entails installing a filtration plant and pipes to carry water up to 5 miles to the village. 

Thu Do, VNHELP’s President and Executive Director, is encouraged to see the level of excitement and commitment for this project within the community. She described a recent town hall meeting where, “People expressed their need for clean water and were willing to contribute their labor for some light construction work and to pay their water bills in the future.” 

To ensure the longevity of the project, VNHELP is working with local religious leaders, town council members and other village representatives to empower them to manage the water system independently. They are also training local committees and technicians in the maintenance and sustainability of the water system. 

Photo: Thu Do, VNHELP’s President and Executive Director with a family.