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VVF Speaker Series & Other Resources

In the fall of 2016, Vibrant Village Foundation piloted a monthly speaker series to stimulate greater learning and dialog about international development topics. The series was originally designed with our staff in mind, but grew to include many of our grantees who are based in Oregon, and other NGO’s doing international work in the Portland area. 

We would like to make the information from these Brown Bags available to our grantees. Please contact Hannah@VibrantVillage.org to request materials on any of the following topics: 

Topic: Gender 101
Date: 9/21/16
Presenter: Marieme Daff, Program Officer at Vibrant Village Foundation
Description: A history and primer on gender and development. Marieme provided an overview of key gender concepts, explained why gender should be taken into consideration in development projects and provided tools for gender analysis.
Available Materials: PowerPoint Slides, CEDPA Gender and Development Manual


Topic: Best Practices in Evaluating Water Sanitation & Hygiene Programs
Date: 10/19/16
Presenter: Kay Mattson, WASH consultant
Description: Current thinking and best practices for WASH program evaluation
Available Materials: PowerPoint Slides


Topic: Continuity in Operations Planning
Presenter: Anne Castleton, Ph.D Continuity of Operations Planner
Date: 1/18/17
Description: An interactive workshop to help international NGO’s think through the vulnerabilities in their current program operations. Anne provided ideas for ways to strengthen their systems and better prepare so they can continue delivering on their mission even in times of unexpected disruption.
Available Materials: PowerPoint Slides, COOP Example from FEMA, Essential Functions Worksheet


Other Links and Resources

Opportunity Collaboration  - An annual convening of international development practicioners and funders. Registration for the 2017 conference in October is open now.

Interaction - A good resource for U.S.-based NGO’s for information about development work and networking