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New Grant Partners in 2017

The BOMA Project

In 2017, we awarded The BOMA Project a 2-year grant for $200,000 to implement their graduation program in Northern Kenya.

The program will enroll, mentor and graduate a cohort of 480 ultra-poor women, supporting 2,400 children, from villages of Turbi and Bubisa in Marsabit county, Northern Kenya through BOMA’s two-year poverty graduation program. Grant funding will also allow BOMA to enhance and deliver their reproductive health and family planning training for all BOMA participants in Marsabit and Samburu counties for 2 years (approximately 7,000 women).

BOMA is a U.S. based 501(c)3 founded in 2005 and has worked over time to develop a unique poverty graduation model tailored to meet the specific needs of women living in the drylands. BOMA has invested in considerable data collection, analysis, and research to understand the challenges that women face in this geographic region and stands at the forefront of tackling the last mile of extreme poverty and isolation. Some of the unique adaptations that BOMA has made to the model include:

  • Cultural adaptation: BOMA’s graduation activities are conducted at the group level, in line with traditional pastoral communities’ values.
  • Encouraging income-generating activities (IGAs): The group-based model ensures that the money is directed towards IGAs. The businesses in BOMA’s program serve as local lending instruments and insurance funds in the arid and semi-arid lands, where banks are non-existent. During an emergency, members can borrow from the businesses and repay later.
  • Use of technology: BOMA has partnered with: 1) Vera Solutions to develop innovative technologies and data analytic tools for monitoring and evaluating poverty graduation programs; 2) TaroWorks to launch a suite of mobile technology tools built on the Salesforce platform and accessed in the field via wireless tablets; and 3) Kenya Commercial Bank to pilot mobile phone banking for the entrepreneurs in their program.

Trickle Up

In 2017, we awarded Trickle Up a 2-year grant for $200,000 to implement their graduation program within indigenous communities in the upper highlands of Guatemala. The program will empower 700 young indigenous women through the Graduation Approach, building participants’ livelihoods and resiliency. They will also promote gender equity, sexual and reproductive health and rights in project communities.

Trickle Up is a U.S. based 501(c)3 founded in 1979 and is considered a pioneer in the development and global adoption of the Graduation Approach, dedicated to the economic empowerment of the poorest. Trickle Up has program offices in West Africa, India and Central America. Each office implements and evaluates Graduation projects for poor and marginalized populations.  

One of Trickle Up’s chief assets is its expertise to empower those that live in extreme poverty and face multiple levels of exclusion due to gender, ethnicity, religion, displacement and disability. Trickle Up’s current partnerships and projects are using the Graduation Approach to empower young women and girls, refugees, people with disabilities, mothers of children with disabilities, indigenous people and women from scheduled tribes and scheduled castes in India, all groups that are overrepresented among the extreme poor. This year Trickle Up and their partners will serve more than 40,000 participants.

The Water Trust

In 2017, we awarded The Water Trust $131,00 to support their work in western Uganda, over one year. The program will fund WASH infrastructure, training and support in 18 schools to create healthy environments and hygiene habits for more than 14,000 students and their families.

In addition to infrastructure (rehabilitated boreholes, rehabilitated latrines and handwashing stations), The Water Trust has a unique model for empowering teachers, community members and students to become champions for hygiene-related behavior change. We are excited to learn from The Water Trust and their transformational approach to school-based WASH programs. 

The Water Trust is a U.S.-based 501(c)3 founded in 2008 and dedicated partnering with rural communities in Uganda to establish and sustain access to safe water and healthy, clean environments for children to survive infancy, and cognitively and physically develop to their fullest potential.