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We work side by side with the local and international communities where we invest to create more vibrant communities. As the Foundation grows, we will post opportunities to get involved on our website.  


We are always open to receiving applications from individuals interested in interning with us here in Portland. Internationally, we accept applications for volunteers and internships to support our programs in specific areas of water, hygiene and sanitation, agriculture, education and other sectors. If you have a great talent or idea contact us at info@vibrantvillage.org


Vibrant Village Foundation does not currently accept charitable donations; however, we encourage you to give directly to the organizations we support.

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Other support

If you are interested in supporting our projects in these countries, please get in touch with us or our partners

  • John visits Haiti, Ecuador & Peru
    In January, John Stephens traveled to Haiti, Ecuador and Peru to visit our grant partners.
    2017-02-19 16:15
  • VVF Kenya visits USA & Northern Kenya
    VVF Kenya's Team visited Portland, Oregon and one of our newest grantees The BOMA Project,...
    2017-02-06 16:45