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Don Salvador wins 1st prize in coffee
July 10, 2014

At 73, Don Salvador still thrives in his life and his work and is busily, yet unassumingly inspiring others.

Maize farmers find success
July 1, 2014

With new farming methods at work in Esabalu, Kenya, maize farmers are reaping the fruits of their labor.

At 62, the future looks brighter to Kenya woman
June 27, 2014

At an age when most people contemplate retirement and taking it easy, 62-year-old Joyce Otemba is gearing up for success. With recently acquired literacy and math skills, she hopes to boost both her baked goods business and agricultural production on her small farm.

New uniforms today, a brighter future tomorrow
May 13, 2014

With big smiles on their faces, Orida Mwakaja and Gilbert Agray celebrated along with their classmates earlier this year when a pickup truck loaded with boxes of new uniforms...

Farming Co-op Finds First Customer
May 8, 2014

The women's farming cooperative in Senegal already has one steady customer in town, a small basic motel, purchasing 65 pounds of food a week.