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VVF Kenya visits USA & Northern Kenya
February 6, 2017

In December 2016, Nick Kempson, Vibrant Village Foundation’s Program Director in Kenya and Charlie Wright, Kenya Education and Training Coordinator spent six days in Portland, Oregon visiting with Ken deLaski and our staff at headquarters. We had several days of meetings where Nick and Charlie shared presentations about the program in Kenya, highlighting their key successes and learning over the past year. This year they tripled the number of farmers involved in their farm input program, moving from 500 farmers to nearly 1500 farmers. Despite a few growing pains, they had a very successful year in terms of repayment among their farmers. 

Nick and Charlie also presented their ambitious 3-year plan which includes additional expansion of their farm input program and education programming with the goal of reaching self-sufficiency by 2019.  Ken and the HQ team also had a chance to share ideas for future growth for the Foundation, which was very fruitful.

Exchange with The BOMA Project

In January 2017, Nick Kempson, Vibrant Village Kenya's Program Director and Hilary Owinyo, VVF Kenya’s M&E Specialist, traveled to Northern Kenya to meet with one of our newest grantees, The BOMA Project.

Nick Kempson meeting with BOMA staff and community members

The exchange was an opportunity for Nick and Hilary to learn more about the Graduation Approach and the specific targeting and coaching involved in that model. Nick and Hilary were also introduced to the remote data collection system BOMA uses to monitor their programs effectively in very distant and spread out communities.

Nick meeting with BOMA participants during their savings meeting

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