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Our Blog: Education
September 19, 2012
Desks arrive at Nemoro Primary School

As part of our education programs in the Upper West Region of Ghana, we recently commissioned the work of a local furniture maker to build 200 dual-seat desks for 400 children at Nemoro Primary School in the village of Fielmuo. After a logistical challenge of transporting the desks from the regional capitol, the desks and 20 teachers' chairs arrived and were installed in the school. The desks are a portion of the holistic approach to improving access and aptitude in education in the remote village, especially for girls. The desks are a complement to improving the learning environment for children in the school. Other new additions includes materials, infrastructure repairs and teacher training. 

September 1, 2012
New film about our programs in Ecuador

We invite you to watch this short, 3-minute video by Blind Lyle Films featuring our projects in Ecuador and highlighing many of the people most impacted by our programs. 

August 10, 2012
Letter from girl at John Branchizio School

My name is Nerestil Kadencheese. I was born on August 12, 2003 at Tabarre. I still live in Tabarre not too far from the John Branchizio School. My house is in sheet metal and it does not belong to my family. I fight every day with my mom and dad to make sure that they stay in that house. The reason why is because that house is 5 minutes away from the John Branchizio School, and with all the advantages I have with John Branchizio and Mercy & Sharing, I would not want to move from that house never in my life.

It’s been already 4 years since I go to John Branchizio School. My biggest dream is to become a nurse, therefore, I would like Mercy & Sharing to add until 12th grade so I can finish my high school education there. If I did not have their support, it would have cost 100,000 gourdes to pay for my school year, and a school that has a lowest level of education than John Branchizio School. I don’t want people to believe that I am always focus on food but I want you to know that the warm plate that I get from school everyday, it is a must, it is the food that give me the strength to study for my class. I cannot explain to someone that did not experience hunger what it is like to not have food. I wait for that plate every day because I know that after eating I will be able to achieve everything that I want. In order to achieve my goal I also study very hard and my homework are always done in time that is why I have an average of 8.75 out of 10.

Mercy & Sharing is a big part of my life. With them I can also go to summer school. I love summer school. Instead of staying home during the summer doing nothing and not even have a warm plate to eat some days, I enjoy going to learn more. There, they keep you busy and you learn new things every day. Even with my young age when I get home I can share with my brothers and very often teach new things to my parents. My father has no job, my mother is the one working to make some money and take care of everything in the house. I help my mom a lot with some little chores in the house: I do the dishes and I clean the house. I could also cook but my parents think that I am too young to use the fire for the charcoal. We do not have electricity at home so I have to study before the sun goes down or early in the morning. I love my school thanks to Mercy & Sharing, I am sure I will be one day able to achieve my goal to become a nurse. Even with their economical problems my parents are supporting me a lot in my study. They always tell me that I am the one they are counting on for the future to take care of the family.