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Marieme's Visit to East & Southern Africa
January 2, 2017

In October and November 2016, Marieme Daff, our Program Officer travelled to East and Southern Africa  for three weeks to meet with several grantees.


In Uganda, Marieme visited with Eco-Agric and Bega kwa Bega both working in Central Wakiso district, a rural region just outside the capital.

 Business entreprenuers selling their wares at Eco-Agric


                                  Marieme visiting gardens with Bega kwa Bega         Mobile clinics in Uganda with Bega kwa Bega

Marieme also had the opportunity to meet with The Water Trust, a US-based NGO that implements water and sanitation projects in northwestern Uganda and has since been awarded a grant to support their sanitation and hygiene work in 18 schools.

Students in northwestern Uganda

School children fetching water

Latrines slated for repair in 2017


Marieme spent several days in Malawi visiting Global Hope Mobilization and Pump Aid in the central region. 


                          Community members using the water infrastructure                      Latrine blocks completed by Pump Aid 

Marieme them traveled south to Blantyre to meet with our partner Action for Environmental Sustainability (AFES).


                                The irrigation channel supported by AFES                 Community members contributing labor for the project 

Crops growing in fields supported by AFES


In her final week, Marieme traveled to Tanzania where she joined a group of Africa Bridge’s board members and supporters to visit their projects in the southwestern highlands.

Alfred and Marieme in Kisondela Ward

Hilda, Meyvin and Isuba in Kisondela Ward

MVCC and Co-op Members in Lufingo Ward

Caterina's Grandchildren, Kalalo, Lufingo

Overall, Marieme was very impressed with the dedication of our partners to serve rural, marginalized communities through innovative livelihood programs, top-notch water and sanitation services, adapted health support (such as mobile clinics) and other much-needed community development initiatives.

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